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Flying into the Mouth of Hell

The Hell Series

by Laurie Woods, D.F.C.

The complete Hell Series of Bomber Command books by Laurie Woods DFC are available to purchase from the Boolarong Press website for $99.99. Each book is also available individually for $29.99 each.

It contains all four of Laurie Woods' books in one package:

1. Flying into the Mouth of Hell

The story of my Royal Australian Air Force service culminating in a tour of operations against the enemy, whilst an aircrew member on the Australian Lancaster 460 squadron immediately following the invasion of Europe by the allied forces. In the first three months following the invasion the aircrew casualties of Bomber Command exceeded those of the invading ground forces.

My book was launched in Canberra on 6th December, 2003 in conjunction with the return of "G" for George in the spectacularly stunning new realistic presentatation "Striking by night" depicting a night raid over Berlin December, 1943. A wonderful permanent presentation for all future patrons visiting the Australian War Memorial, Canberra, of what it was like raiding the target.

Dedicated to the aircrew of Bomber Command, and to all those mates who did not return, who served in the forefront of the war against the enemy for six long years, in which the squadrons were never withdrawn from operations.

2. Halfway to Hell

The content of this book are based on personal interviews, personal service stories among my mates, members of the Royal Australian Air Force, and with historic records of airmen who were mainly trained in the Empire Air Training scheme. The scheme was set up to keep up a supply of trained aircrew to replace the immense numbers who were giving their lives.

3. To Hell and Back

To Hell and Back is the story of some of the other Australian airmen who flew with Bomber Command. Laurie Woods either knew these men personally or had heard of them during the campaign. These stories have been verified by conversations with the men or their relatives and in some cases historical records.

4. Back from Hell

The adrenaline that pumps through the veins of men flying Lancaster bombers over Germany while ack-ack explodes around them is only matched by the gut-wrenching nervousness in their stomach. “Will I be the next statistic?” Shortly after the war the memories keep flooding back through nightmares that are distorted from the reality but even more frightening.

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