History – Planes – "K2" Killer

Early March 1944 at Binbrook a nearly–new K2 stands at dispersal.
A ground crew member and an air crew member cook up an idea for the nose art on K2.
K2 "Killer": 72 Operations over enemy occupied territory without losing an engine on any flight.
Vic Neale and his crew who flew 23 raids in K2 "Killer" speaking with Binbrook station CO Group Captain Hughie Edwards VC., DSO., DFC, and CO 460 Squadron 22 year old Wing Commander, Ron K Douglas DFC, AFC. The crew left to right: Bill Young, Sgt in charge of the ground crew, G.R. Beard, bomb aimer, C.W. Erbage, (OBS) rear gunner, Vic Neale, pilot, Bill Gourlay. navigator, P. Robinson, (OBS) W/OP A/G.
Ted Owen and crew who flew 18 raids in K2. Left to right rear: Dick Bates, rear gunner, Don Hudspeth, navigator, Frank Mayor, mid upper gunner, Peter Odell, engineer, Front: Steve Turner, W/OP A/G, Ted Owen, pilot, Laurie Woods, bomb aimer.
Ron Tardent and his crew who flew 7 raids in K2 "Killer". Left to right: Tom Dally, rear gunner, Geoff Tallents, B/Aimer, Norm Healy, mid upper gunner, Roy Brough, W/OP A/G, Frank Williams, navigator, Ron Tardent, pilot, Len Child, engineer.
K2 "Killer"'s regular ground crew who did a marvellous job with the servicing and in doing so helped to save our lives. Unfortunately names have become lost in the passage of time but from left to right: unknown, Arty who flew with us to Emmerich, Sgt. Bill Young, Ted Owen, pilot, Bill (engines), unknown; front kneeling: unknown, Cpl. Jack Hill, (armourer), unknown.
Can anyone fill in the names?
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