Raid on Karlsruhe: 4-5 December 1944

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118/4 BIN 4/5-12-44 // 17500 289° 30/35 MED 1951 KARLSRUHE F/S Flattery B2 460 - Radar Screen

Karlsruhe (Industrial Area), B2 PB559 (Vic Grimett's aircraft) 4/5 Dec 1944 17,000 feet

Photo taken of "Y" radar screen showing area over which bombs were dropped. Bomb load, 13 x 1,000 SAP bombs. Good weather, 7/10 cloud over target. Bomb the red TI's. Odd burst of flak. Rocket planes seen, 500 aircraft. Good prang. Bags of fire.

KARLSRUHE – 535 aircraft, 369 Lancasters, 154 Halifaxes, 12 Mosquitoes. 1 Lancaster and 1 Mosquitoe lost. The marking and bombing were accurate and severe damage was caused, particularly in the southern and western districts of the city. Among the industrial buildings destroyed were the important Durlacher machine–tool factory, the main Protestant church and the concert hall. 375 Germans and 39 foreigners were killed.

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