460 Squadron Targets/Raids

The below table contains a list of interesting targets/raids. For a complete list of the raids that Laurie Woods went on, please see Laurie Woods' profile.

Date Plane Accounted by Raid Location Bomb Load (lbs)
01/03/1943 AR-Q "Queenie" Peter Isaacson Pathfinders Berlin, Germany -
26/04/1943 AR-B2 Arthur Hoyle Crash landing back at base after damage from higher Lancaster bomb shower Essen, Germany 14,000
27/04/1943 - Arthur Hoyle Scrapped Koenigsberg, Germany -
late 01/1944 AR-J2 Arthur Hoyle J2 engine trouble Berlin, Germany 10,000
30-31/03/1944 AR-K2 Vic Neal & Bill Gourlay   Nuremberg  
18/04/1944 AR-R Vic Neal & Bill Gourlay Lancaster JB662 AR–R caught fire while taking off (scrapped) Unknown -
03-04/05/1944 AR-K2 "Killer" Vic Neal & Bill Gourlay German military camp at Mailly-Le-Camp, France Mailly-Le-Camp, France -
11/08/1944 AR-K2 "Killer" Laurie Woods Railway marshalling yards in Douai Douai, France 13,000
26/08/1944 AR-K2 "Killer" Vic Grimmett Docks Industrial Area Kiel 4,000
29/08/1944 AR-J2 Laurie Woods Docks & city area (incendiaries only)

Stettin, Poland

10/09/1944 AR-K2 "Killer" Vic Grimmett Attacked eight different German strong points Le Havre 13,000
20/09/1944 AR-K2 "Killer" Laurie Woods Long range gun sites Sandgatte, France 14,000
26/09/1944 AR-F2 Vic Grimmett Cape Griz Nez (Gun Positions) Cape Griz Nez 13,000
05/10/1944 AR-K2 "Killer" Laurie Woods City & rail station (US Army request) Saarbrücken, Germany 11,000
07/10/1944 AR-K2 "Killer" Laurie Woods Relief of "Red Devils" trapped in Arnhem Gap Emmerich, Germany 12,000
06/11/1944 AR-K2 "Killer" Laurie Woods City & rail station Gelsenkirchen, Germany 11,000
09/11/1944 AR-K2 "Killer" Laurie Woods Munitions factory Wanne-Eickel, Herne, Germany 12,000
04-05/12/1944 AR-B2 Vic Grimmett Industrial Area Karlsruhe 13,000
20/03/1945 - - Last raid on Cologne (non-460 squadron sortie) Cologne, Germany -
22/04/1945 - - Raid on Hitler's mountain retreat Berchtesgaden, Germany -

After the war

Date Location
22/06/1945 Dusseldorf
22/06/1945 Cologne


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