Aussies Over Europe - World War II's Bloodiest Air Campaign

By Rollo Kingsford-Smith, DSO, AM, DFC

As the invading Japanese forces advanced ever closer to Australia in WWII, the gallant fighting by our servicemen in the jungles, the air and the sea was foremost in all minds. The honour given these men by our prime minister and government is well deserved.

On the other side of the world there was another more deadly war of repeated battles deep into Germany and across the territories conquered and occupied by the massive military power of Nazi Germany. It was an air war that was inevitable after Hitler's army and air force conquered the European nations and drove the British into the sea.

Only the heavy bomber force from England could take the war to Germany. As Britain built up bomber strength, requests went to Australia, Canada and New Zealand for trained personnel to share in the crewing and Australian airecrew began to arrive in Englan in 1941.

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